With so many presenters playing new music, and with the present inability of singers and musicians to earn income from indoor shows and gigs, they are even more dependent on revenue from sales of downloads, CDs and merchandise. DJs are usually careful to announce names of performers, but if you happen to miss this information, there is usually a podcast available with a playlist, these posted usually on the DJ's social media account and/or on the Solar Radio Group Page   on Facebook.

LOUIE MARTIN SOUL SELECTION 19.07.20 12:00-14:00




Available NOW-  our SOLAR SOUL CD, a collection of 15 tracks by singers and groups who have featured on SOLAR RADIO in the past couple of years, and including some exclusive mixes.  Randy Muller w. Carolyn Harding- Beautiful Feeling, SouLutions w. Louise Mehan, I Got To Party  Hannah White  Roma,  Shaila Prospere, That Place, Fantastics w. Sulene Fleming, Somewhere..Finally, Leanne McCrei, Stay a Little Longer, Natasha Watts, Good Love, Keni Stevens w. Jesse Stevens, One Way Ticket, Mather & Kingdon, Latino Girl, Reel People w. Tony Momrelle, Amazing, Groove Association w. Georgie B, Feeling Happy, Sound Principal Where You Lead Me, , Bashiyra, Mystified, Ray Hayden , Things Will Get Better, Joey Negro & Sunburst Band.Why Wait for Tomorrow.The CD is in digi-pack format with 4-page gatefold sleeve and full colour 8-page booklet. Full track listing is above. The price for mail-order is £12.50 including postage and packing, and orders can be placed now  HERE

PAUL CLIFFORD – YACHT SOUL every first Sunday of the month starting AUGUST 2nd


Solar Radio is  available to listeners on a range of  streaming platforms including our free branded apps for iPhone and Android mobile devices, and similarly with smart speakers such as Echo Dot and Google now available from web dealers and electrical retailers, plus Internet Radios. Solar Radio is also readily available via  other apps including TuneIn Radio and RadioplayerUK, and directly from our website at

Solar Radio has also been involved in the path-finding small-scale DAB experiment, and is currently available on DAB+ in the Inner London area (within the North and South Circular Roads), Birmingham, Brighton and Norwich.


PUBLIC HEALTH MATTERS; We wish to reassure listeners and customers that, with regard to Solar Radio events, the situation is under constant review, and we will advise accordingly with any updates..


Solar Radio supports the moral aims of the #BLM movement and we have been deeply saddened by the tragedies as reported.

The Black Lives Matter movement has shone a necessary light on the injustices, inequality and systematic racism that BAME people face.  We acknowledge that while our presenters and volunteers reflect cultural diversity and we are committed to inclusivity, it is necessary to continue to educate  in order to represent the needs of our diverse community.

Many of our presenters have spoken on air about BLM. Furthermore, entire shows have been dedicated to the subject including Lisa I'Anson, Andrea Robertson, Jessie Tsang & Freddie Lee with Angus Kemp, Fitzroy, and the BLM playlist hour with Neil Francis, all of these presenters are from ethnic minority backgrounds.

As Black music is the core of our output, we are aware the foundation of the music we cherish and celebrate was born out of the oppression of marginalised communities. As much as gospel can be separated from its roots as a survival mechanism and the call for freedom and the driving bass beat of dance music can be expressed as simply 'having a good time', we understand it is much more than that. We know there is a need to try to make a change for everybody. We are not merely non-racist but ANTI-racist. We are your Soul Station, we are in this together and this is our fight too. Keep on keeping on

“I am not naive because as a black man in America born at the time in this country that I was, I am very aware, but I try not to allow myself to see things through the prism of black and white. I always try to view things through the prism of what is right and what is wrong.” Quincy Jones


At the end of 2019, TONY MONSON asked all connected with SOLAR RADIO, including DJs, listeners, artists and all friends of the station to submit their ALL TIME TOP 10 favourite tracks and albums. Contributors totalled some 500 people, from whose suggestions the TOP 500 chart was compiled.

The first 100 can be seen here-Top 500 # 1 to # 100

The next hundred, 101 to 200 - ...the next 100, # 101 - #200

Positions 201 to 300 are here-..third segment, #201 - #300


With the ever-increasing number of people tuning to Solar Radio, we are happy to welcome new customers to our events including the ever-popular Soul Cruises, and it may be timely to advise new folk (and remind valued 'regulars'!) of our ticketing procedures. TICKETS ARE SOLD ON A 'FIRM SALE' BASIS. There is no automatic refund for cancellations unless we have published a 'Buy Back' message - any returns will be offered to any Waiting List customers for re-sale. We do not send out tickets for our river events, either by post or as e-tickets, but we do hold all tickets for collection on the day, just before the event. After the initial acknowledgement, the buyer will  later be sent another email, advising of collection time and boarding information. We hope this helps!


SOLAR RADIO now has a dedicated SKILL app on the ECHO DOT device to enable easy access.

Listening to Solar Radio on an Amazon Dot or Echo and Google Home device:

AMAZON DOT / ECHO:  If you have an Amazon Dot or Echo (or any other Amazon smart speaker device) you can listen to Solar Radio by enabling the Solar Radio Alexa Skill.  All you have to do is say “Alexa, Launch Solar Radio”.   You may need to repeat the sentence a couple of times before it responds but once enabled you can simply say  “Alexa, Play Solar Radio” to play the station.  You can also enable the Skill via the Amazon store HERE.

GOOGLE HOME:  For Google Home simply say “Okay Google, Play Solar Radio”.   You may need to add  “… on TuneIn”  at the end if it fails to respond


A reminder that the dedicated SOLAR RADIO app for Android devices is available NOW to download and install FOR FREE from the Google Play Store, featuring choice of 64k or 128k streams, schedule information, contact and social media links, available at  Also available from the Apple Store, is an UPGRADE to the SOLAR RADIO app for i-PHONE.


Best Soul Radio Station 2016


dab-logo-Solar Radio can be heard on DAB in Birmingham, Brighton, in the London area, with the boundary of the North and South Circular Roads,  and Norwich, all part of the Small Scale DAB trial as promoted by OfCom. If you are new to DAB radio receivers, it is worth noting that the most complete range of available stations will be found by doing a full scan near to a window and in the highest available location in your property.

SOUL CITIZEN – Autobiography of Clive ‘R’

SCbookOur Sunday morning 'In Orbit' man, CLIVE R, has written his autobiography - entitled SOUL CITIZEN- relating his memories and experiences over his fifty years as a soul fan, record-collector, music journalist, club and concert-goer, oh, and soul radio DJ! 

Following the excellent response to his set on the April Soul Cruise, Clive is now making the book available direct to Solar Radio listeners. Purchase the book HERE


There are several ways to access SOLAR RADIO on the move, via your Android, IPhone, Tablet or similar device and DAB, the latter to Birmingham, Brighton, London & Norwich.

From the Android Play Store, free downloads are available of apps for either Radioplayer UK, TuneIn Radio or Nobex Radio, which you can install on your device in seconds and a quick search will soon reveal SOLAR RADIO, which can then be saved as a 'favourite' or can be 'followed'.

The Nobex Radio app is also suitable for use on an I-Phone, while the dedicated SOLAR RADIO app is also available from the Apple Store.

Your device can usually be linked to a car audio system via Bluetooth for in-car entertainment. Please ensure you have an adequate data package with your provider.

SOLAR RADIO is part new Ofcom initiative of experimental Small-Scale DAB radio for London, within the area bounded by the North and South circular roads and for the city of Norwich.

Please re-scan your DAB receiver.

Solar Radio - Your Classic & 21st Century Soul Station