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Bobb Semple on Solar Radio

Bobb Semple

Bobb Semple presents Back To Basics. Medicine for the mind. Cutting edge soul, gospel, jazz and r’n’b new & old plus at 12.45pm the Warner Jazz half hour.

Q1. What first attracted Bobb Semple to Soul Music, is this relevant today?

t impacts on my soul like nothing else (except my woman) in life. The beauty of its sound and the buzz I get hearing something never heard before, the way a song moves you spiritually – Soul is always at the heart of what I do.

Q2. What are your top 5 favourite soul tracks?

Impossible to say.  Hundreds of joint top fivers.

Q3. What are your favourite three record labels?


Q4. Who are your favourite five artists?

So many to choose from, although The Isley Brothers, Bobby Womack, Phillis Hyman, Roy Ayres, Stanley Clarke, George Duke, James Brown, Teddy Pendergrass are all at the top. 

Q5. What are your top three soul clubs of all time?

Birmingham Locarno
Didos, Dunstable

Q6. What radio experience did Bobb Semple have before he joined Solar?

A lot.  Began officially radio broadcasting from ‘92, bouncing from station to station before landing finally on Solar. One well-known (commercial) station I remember in particular refusing to pay me as I kept slipping soul into the play list I was pushed to play! Couldn’t stand anyone telling me what constituted good music and I don‘t tolerate it today. Am far happier being myself on-air. Pretended at home for years with a stylus & vinyl I was the real Robbie Vincent, accidentally self-training myself.

Q7. What is/are your main criteria in choosing records for airplay?

Three things: you must have heart, excellence and S-O-U-L. I want to promote the great talent out there today – too many jocks playing it safe. Today’s Marvins and Donnys (and they ARE out there) are getting no chance to grow and even less support. A song must move you or reach you in some way. It must be extremely good or else it doesn’t get played – I won’t waste my or the public’s time by subjecting them to sub-standard songs when many hard working artists out there are producing real deal beautiful, heartfelt soul at great financial risk to themselves. I won’t make it easy for part-timers with no heart and less soul to imitate musicians and then expect to get played just because they are in it to make a few bucks. Why play something average when there is so much beauty out there? Excellence should be the norm when you choose new or old songs for rotation. It is for me.

Q8. Why would you recommend Solar to a listener?

Nowhere on earth will you find a more studied, comprehensive,  knowledgeable, Mad-As-A-Hatter dedicated to soul, untouchable collective of people like us.  I’m the best on earth at what i do and so are my fellow Solar jocks. We each spin carefully selected records like its our last on earth. Solar Radio is quite simply the finest purveyor of the black music form on the planet. If you want to learn about soul, look no further.

Q9. Which other DJs do you admire and why?

I don’t have heroes, but there are soulfolks I respect completely for their dedication eg:Tony Monson – you can still hear the genuine excitement in his voice when you talk to him about a new song, and his dedication to his art is long, longtime. Sophisticated and he hasn’t lost it at all.  Peter Young – eclectic, bold, not afraid to spin what he likes and his always witty banter gives me a great laugh into the bargain. A great class act. I studied Robbie Vincent closely as a youngster. Other jocks that impress include Max Rees, Neville, Terry Jones, Chris Hill, Mick O’Donnell, Brian Goucher, Paul Stenning, Hobbsy, Bigger  etc etc

Q10. How would you like to be remembered by a listener?

Someone who despite his obvious love for soul, knew what was important in life and loved his woman even more.

Q11. What do you do to relax?

I have no time for that.