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Conrad Bool
3rd Sunday Of The Month 8 -10pm
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'World Soul'

As we get older, it is alleged that our music choices become more careful and slow down. Well, let me tell you that in Conrad’s case the reverse is true.
Conrad has been presenting shows on and off on Solar since the late 90s, as well as work on other radio stations.
He has always had modern soul and jazz close to his heart alongside a prodigious love of the more soulful end of house music. But as he has got into 50s his love of new music has pushed on to the discovery and purchase of even more progressive goodies and he has been nurturing his music love affair with funk, afro and latin sounds from around the planet.
He loves his times clubbing and cites memorable moments as the Hackney Road and Warehouse scene in East London in the 80s, Camden Palace as raving broke out and Southport and Prestatyn Weekenders throughout the 90s and 2k’s up to Suncebeat, as a dj and attendee and various top notch house music events as his favourite times.
Musical influences include Curtis Mayfield…..Curtis is the finest album ever made, as both a social commentary and musical timepiece…. to Miles Davis to Masters At Work.

“Music is a broad and wonderful canvass and it is fun to go on a journey. Sometimes you hit a cul de sac dominated by overplayed anthems, yet sometimes you find glorious fields and fields of beautiful soulful and jazzy brilliance and you can immerse yourself”

Peace, love and soul music.