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The Soul Survivors Show

The show aims to be a musical soundtrack of the Soul Survivors Magazine ethos that incorporates the jazz, funk, soul, disco, boogie and fusion DNA and it’s evolvement in various genres currently relevant today in the millennium.
It will highlight much of the lesser know and lesser played tracks outside the anthems from many artist we know and love and may be unaware of. I’ll try to keep a theme of playing something topical at the beginning of the show relating to it being Sunday, the morning or the early hours of the morning. I will to look to feature myself in the mix with my bag of goodies and tricks showcasing original samples and mixing them with the hip hop soul, house or other genres that were inspired to use them. We will also be on occasion featuring snippets of interviews of the artists in the magazine and showcasing some of their catalogue. We will showcase tracks featured in the magazine record reviews that you may not be aware of. We will also be the info provider for the soul survivors with new and updates on soul surviving events and information.

We will also be showcasing 5 not so familiar tracks a week from the eclectic post millennium’s current and back catalogue , which can be voted for by the listening public in order to compile a People’s Black Music Chart. This will be done over a four week period and then on the first week of the new month, we do a run down of the top 10 voted by the people from the collated registered interaction probably in the 2nd hour. Tracks can be submitted to (please remember they must be from the year 2000 upwards and not before), but we cannot guarantee they will get featured. You’ll be surprised how much goodness there is out there that has escaped your ears.

This is achieved by Tweeting the tracks which you can listen to snippets via the People’s Black Music Chart website, and interacting where possible with the artists so they too can share the platform with their audience. We have already run this exercise and it proved to be popular with between 50,000 and 100,000 listeners interaction on a previous radio platform and also without and just using a pre recorded chart show uploaded on Mixcloud. We have just been awaiting a platform to launch it again so we will be giving this a major push and have no doubt we will not be stepping on toes and replicating what the other soul charts have been doing, so thanks to Solar for the opportunity There is so much unheard diverse and quality music out there, that we are confident that you, those who have an eclectic ear and an open mind, will embrace this and help promote the artists and the music. So that as a show format is what I’m aiming to provide and share/spread the love of music worldwide.

Peace Fitzroy

What attracted you to soul music in the first place, and does this still apply today?

I have a natural indigenous African Diaspora connection with the Sounds Of Universal Love(SOUL) and Man Understanding Spiritual Information Clearly (MUSIC). I’d say it’s more a case of I attracted music’s attention as opposed to me being attracted to it. This connection is most certainly relevant today.

What are your top five favourite soul tracks?

Living in the moment of how I feel today in no particular order

James Brown- ‘King Heroin’
John Coltrane-‘Love Supreme’
Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes- ’Bad Luck’
The O Jays -‘Ship Ahoy’
Stevie Wonder ’As’

What are your favourite three record labels
PIR(Philadelphia International Records)

Who are your favourite five artists
James Brown
Aretha Franklin
Michael Jackson
Jean Carn
Leroy Burgess

What are your top three soul clubs of all time?

Friday Nights Double Disco at Electric Ballroom Camden with Paul Trouble Anderson and George Power circa 1982-83
Upfront @ Borderline Mannette Street Soho circa 1989-190 with Stafford, Trevor Nelson and Gordon Mac
Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson Thursdays at Legends Old Burlington Street circa 1991

What radio experience did you have before you joined Solar

I joined Studio FM 92.7 Pirate Radio in 1987 and did a few others. Legal Radio guest slots on Kiss FM, GLR, Groovetech Radio and Choice Radio,Colourful and Stomp. I did my first guest show on Solar August Bank Holiday Sunday 2001, then guest show on occasion between then and 2007 then a weekly Saturday 4-6pm and Friday 8-10pm till 2009

What is/are your main criteria in choosing records for airplay

To play less obvious ands varied old and new jazz funk and soul influenced music to those with an open mind and heart if you want to hear some of those forgotten gem and undiscovered gems that are a little left of the right.

Why would you recommend Solar to a listener

Because as a well as catering for an easy listening basic soul music fantastic it has specialist DJ and shows that accommodate an alternative, plus they have a 30 year history.

Which other DJs do you admire and why

Cleveland Anderson because being a good long time local Perivale neighbour and friend I’ve seen his journey as a pioneer to becoming the agent for artists like Ten City and The Jacksons.
Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson, the original prototype of my generation of the dancing DJ who would mix two biscuits and make them sound good. He truly was and still is a trail blazer and paved the way for the likes of me and many of my generation to do what we do now.
Dez Parkes the musicologist, who has touched practically every corner of the music industry as a dancer DJ, Promoter, Choreographer, Compiler and an authority. His knowledge and respect precedes him with his no compromising stance in presenting ‘Just Good Music’

How would you like to be remembered by a listener

As someone who is passionate in spreading the love and the music (My spiritual wife) with articulacy worldwide. I don’t mind her committing adultery with everyone because I understand why they fall in love with her (Music)

What do you do to relax

My vocation before Music came to the fore was being an artist so I like to draw portraits. I love dancing still, I run 3-4 times a week and enjoy intelligent conversation.