Lisa I’Anson
Lisa I’Anson
Wednesday 6 - 8pm
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California Soul - Live from Los Angeles

Join Lisa every Wednesday evening from 6 – 8pm

Live from Los Angeles

Expect to hear Classic soul songs and a selection of 21st century soul too!

Lisa started her career at London’s KISS FM then moved to television with MTV EUROPE and went on to present the RADIO 1 lunchtime show from 1995 – 1999.

1. What attracted you to soul music in the first place, and does this still apply today?

I was raised on soul music.. I credit my Mother with teaching me about it. Growing up, there was so much music playing in our house. Everything thing had a soundtrack. I even didn’t mind cleaning chores as that was accompanied by music. She introduced me to artists such as Millie Jackson, Harold Melvin as well as a solo Teddy Pendergrass, Curtis Mayfield, Diana Ross- supreme times, as well as the Mahogany album – that was my everything ! Isaac Hayes, Booker T and the MG’s. I also learnt about Neil Diamond, Roxy Music, Simon and Garfunkel, Joan Armatrading, Beethoven and Mozart .. I remember when she told that Louis Armstrong had passed, I cried for days, such was my affinity for him. I would spend hours looking at record sleeves and really loved albums that were gatefolds and even better if they included lyric sheets. I consider so much music in other genres as also soulful .. to me soul is defined as any piece of music that has a melodious groove with that moves me

2. What are your top five favourite soul tracks?

Now that’s hard to answer , in fact I won’t. I have many more than just 5, they run into the hundreds … I love so many songs from artists like Luther (Vandross) Marvin (Gaye) Stevie (Wonder) Teena ( Marie )

3. What are your favourite three record labels

Im a big supporter of indie labels like BBE, but it’s not really about the labels , it’s more about the music. Although I do have to big up Acid Jazz and Talkin Loud .. hugely important to me in my twenties and thirties .. great friends and to quote Norman Jay , good times !

4. Who are your favourite five artists

See answer to question 2

5. What are your top three soul clubs of all time?

I can’t just choose 3 !! The first clubs I fell in love were Crazy Larry’s on a Tuesday , the Wag on a Friday and the Mud Club on a Saturday. I also lived for the warehouse parties, house parties and underground events that crews like Shake and Fingerpop would throw .. to this day, I would follow Norman Jay to end of the earth ! …. I also loved Dingwalls on a Sunday afternoon with Gilles Peterson and Patrick Forge …I would literally get as close as possible to a speaker and proceed to lose myself in dance. Also, the Rotation crew at Subterranea. , still going strong .. diehards ! I have so many memories of amazing days and nights. Finally, although it’s not strictly a club, it has to be mentioned…Europe’s largest street festival .. the Notting Hill Carnival .. it’s actually one of the things I miss most about London . I friggin love Carnival .. !!!! Beautiful people , dancing in the streets, the
smell of delicious food and a sound system on every corner .. bliss ..

6. What radio experience did you have before you joined Solar

I have worked for quite a few ! My first and most memorable was working for Kiss 100 . I started in the pirate station days presenting its talk show “The Word “ and then continued when it became a legal station. That was an incredibly special time, we were a bunch of renegades all so full of hope. To see and be a part of “ our music “ finally getting through was huge . I’ve also worked for numerous BBC stations including Radio 1

7. What is/are your main criteria in choosing records for airplay

I am over enthusiastic about most music, the classics, as well as new music. I get so excited when others hear what I hear and we’re all vibing. When choosing what to play on air, it honestly depends on what I’m feeling then and there or what songs I can’t get out of my head . As soon as I play the first song, I then intuitively decide where to go next. There’s no preplanning . Its a real privilege to share my musical mind with an audience, I see a radio show as a journey that I invite listeners to join me on for two hours… it’s literally a trip.

8. Why would you recommend Solar to a listener

SOLAR is rare . It’s one of the only stations to allow Dj’s free choice in what they play. I remember when I worked for another station, it was so heartbreaking by the end as all I could literally say was the station name, the last record, the next record, the time and my name. I just couldn’t grasp the point of hiring Dj’s and not utilizing their knowledge of music. I left that job quite spectacularly.. in hindsight, I do see that there are more professional ways to leave a job !! Oops …

9. Which other DJs do you admire and why

I credit three people for really teaching me about music. Aside from my Mother, there’s also Norman Jay MBE and Gilles Peterson. Both of these guys are special in their own unique way. I love their musical ears as well as their live sets , they’re true masters of music. I’ve been really blessed to know them both and to have spent a lot of time in their company. Also, a special shout out to my former Kiss colleague Tony Farsides, who would always hand over vinyl that I was obsessing about even if he didn’t have a copy for himself ! Thank you Tony ..

10. How would you like to be remembered by a listener

As someone who has a genuine and deep love of music, who shared and exchanged her loves with others.

11. What do you do to relax

To relax, I listen to music ! Not that it always relaxes me .. sometimes I’m singing loudly whilst jumping up and down .. music is my constant . it’s a soundtrack to life.