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Up front Soul
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5 decades of Soul.

Soul Discovery is an established radio show which has been running with Solar Radio since 2008. During this time its fan base has grown dramatically around the globe. The essential ingredient that has made Soul Discovery a success is its passion.

The show’s passion and dedication to its music, artists, producers and record labels make it not only unique but involving, enabling listeners to really absorb themselves, tapping into their emotions and taking them on discoveries of their own. The show incorporates exclusive tunes and interviews in the sub-genres of Gospel, upfront soul & R&B, whilst dipping into forgotten gems and unearthing the new and the rare.

‘Uniting the Past, Present and Future for the Legacy of our Music’.

Special Guests interviewed on Soul Discovery: Lee Fields, The Soul Hustlers, Dreemtime, Betty Wright, Melvin Davis, Stuart Cosgrove: Detroit67. Ady Croasdell: Kent Records, Elaine Constantine: Northern Soul Film Director, Preston Shannon, Shirley Jones, Marc Staggers, John Manship, Lee Fields, Richard Searling, Richard Brooks, Joe Leavy, Lionel Cornelius, Randy Brown, Bertram E. Brown, Dave Welding (Soul Junction) Oliver Cheatham, James Mitchell, Gill & Robin Small (GrooveCity Enterainment), Lionel Cornelius, Marcia L. Mitchell, Greg Watson, Len Walston, Michael Dunston, La Rombé, David Washington, Chapter 8, (Valerie Pinkston, Michael J. Powell, Gerald Lyles, Vernon D. Fails and Courtlen Hale), Lenard Brown & Reginald McArthur (The Controllers), Marcell of Marcell the Truth, Norman Connors, David Sea, Fathers Children, Clarence Dobbins, Ruby Baker, James Whitney,Kashious, Rene Jones, Michael Henderson, Phil Perry, Howard Hewett, Ron Matlock, Gina Darby, Mikelyn Rodrick (By All Means), John Wilson, Lawrence Beamen, Unified TribeXXCeption To The Rule, Carmen Hendricks, William Kooly Scott, AJ Sparks, Sounds Of Imani, Willie Clayton and Garry Grant.

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Q1. What first attracted you to Soul Music, is this relevant today?

In 1974 I walked into the California Ballroom/ Mecca at Blackpool and had never heard anything like it before in my life. It still has the same power over me today.

Q2. What are your top 5 favourite soul tracks?

Little Reuben – In the name of loneliness (N.R.)
The Justice Dept – Come back baby (to my empty arms) (Fair Play)
Rich ‘Christie’ Jnr Feat Monique Reed – Boddle Free to believe (DL)
Ten-63 – You and Me (locobop)
Hermon Histon – The Heart (Sweetrose)

Q3. What are your favourite three record labels?

Blue Note
Flying Dutchman

Q4. Who are your favourite five artists?

Bobby Womack
Lee Fields
Little Reuben
David Sea
Hermon Histon

Q5. What are your top three soul clubs of all time?

California Ballroom – Dunstable
Gold Mine – Canvey Island
The Canal Tavern (Thorne R.D.)

Q6. What radio experience did you have before you joined Solar?

In 1998 I was asked on to a local radio station (HCR) to present a soul/jazz show, which was broadcast on Saturdays 10.00pm till midnight; this ran for about 5 years. For the last five years I broadcast every Sunday 12.00-3.00pm on 209 Radio 105fm in Cambridge, however this sadly closed & is no longer broadcasting. In 2010 I joined and am now involved with Cambridge City Radio based in Cambridge with my shows called ‘Soul Discovery’ and Jazz Vibes from time to time I join with LeNard Brown & Reggie McArthur of The Controllers over at KISS 98.7 FM Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Plus podcast shows on Blues Critic Radio U.S.A., Southern Soul Radio U.S.A.

Q7. What is/are your main criteria in choosing records for airplay?

Real Vocals!

Q8. Why would you recommend Solar to a listener?

Soul, Funk & Jazz. A superb soul station.

Q9. Which other DJs do you admire and why?

Every DJ involved with this music, they all bring their own style to the table.

Q10. How would you like to be remembered by a listener?

Playing the sweetest soul and funkiest tunes ever.

Q11. What do you do to relax?

I like to relax going to movies, and occasionally the film premieres, I enjoy gardening and of course my passion: listening to Soul & Jazz.