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Jazzie B OBE on Solar Radio

Jazzie B OBE

Jazzie B OBE | Back II Life. An experience of the past, present and future music.

Q1. What first attracted you to Soul Music, is this relevant today?

The feeling that it gives me!!

Q2. What are your top 5 favourite soul tracks?


Q3. What are your favourite three record labels?


Q4. Who are your favourite five artists?


Q5. What are your top three soul clubs of all time?

Africa Centre – London
Shelter – NYC

Q6. What radio experience did you have before you joined Solar?

Loads of pirate stations

Q7. What is/are your main criteria in choosing records for airplay?

That they reflect the mood that I want to portray for that show.

Q8. Why would you recommend Solar to a listener?

Because it will make you happy.

Q9. Which other DJs do you admire and why?


Q10. How would you like to be remembered by a listener?

As is?!

Q11. What do you do to relax?

Listen to Solar, silly!