Sweet Rhythms Chart – 16/9/19

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1 12 TERRI GREEN PROJECT It's you/Never gonna let etc What a feeling Euro
2 8 SOULUTIONS Fool in this town/When you get there etc Fate Festival Park
3 1 RANDY MULLER'S BOOM CHANG BANG Joy in da rain Plaza
4 2 COOL MILLION No matter what/Your move etc Stronger Expansion
5 4 DCR Positive vibes
6 5 VARIOUS ARTISTS Various tracks The music inside me Expansion
7 3 REGI MYRIX presents NOEL GOURDIN Step into love Blak Butta vol.1 Myrix
8 - BRAND NEW HEAVIES Beautiful/Together etc TBNH Acid Jazz
9 24 SOUND PRINCIPAL I know what I want
10 10 FIREFLY ft RAMPAGE Love is gonna be on our side/Glow of love Rome
11 15 ANGIE STONE Same number/Recipe etc Full circle Cleopatra
12 9 OLA ONABULE Throwaway notion/The old story eyc Pointless Rugged Ram
13 - D MILLS ft T J WILKINS Good to you/Get closer
14 17 RASMUS FABER Do my best/Shut down etc Two left feet Farplane
15 29 BUTCH & RHONDA COLEMAN I can't believe/Lovely day etc Moment of your time Barc
16 - BRANDON WILLIAMS In love/Love dance The love factor
17 16 TY CAUSEY You're a superstar/A good man Tyvonn
18 7 LAVILLE Wavy love/Love shine etc The wanderer Acid Jazz
19 6 SHAILA PROSPERE You're rich Attention
21 13 LUKAS SETTO Oh my gosh
23 19 DAVE MASCALL ft MIRACLE THOMAS Brighter weather
24 - MOONCHILD Hideaway/On to me etc Little ghost tru Thoughts
25 18 INDIA ARIE Steady love Worthy BMG
26 26 SHAMIKA BROWN I love him I love him not KA
27 28 FELTON PILATE We're still here Uni
28 - MILES DAVIS What we made/Give it up etc Rubberband Warner
29 21 BRYONY JARMAN-PINTO Sun-kissed/For the birds etc Cage & aviary tru Thoughts
30 - JENIQUA U got it goin' on Amazon Music
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