Sweet Rhythms Chart – 2017

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1 WILL DOWNING I'm feeling the love/I just wanna say thank you etc Soul survivor Shanachie
2 TOM GLIDE Soul train/Old school days etc Divas got soul T-Gee
3 SHAILA PROSPERE Family/Thinking of you etc Back to life Rhythm
4 KENI STEVENS One way ticket to love/The love you gave etc Out of the blue Soul Chilli
5 KIM TIBBS Soul/My better side etc Kim Expansion
6 CALVIN RICHARDSON All or nothing/Make me say it nah nah nah etc All or nothing Shanachie
7 SIMON LAW Morning love/Message of love etc Look to the sky Dome
8 JOEY NEGRO Must be the music/Latican boogie etc Produced with love Z
9 SIR PIERS The club/Long distance Curious
10 JAY KING Some kinda love/Take my breath away etc. Helen's son King Jay
11 MAYSA Inside out/Footsteps in the dark etc Love is the battlefield Shanachie
12 CHARLIE WILSON Chills/I'm blessed etc In it to win it RCA
13 OMAR Destiny/Vicky's tune etc Love in beats Freestyle
14 ALI TENNANT Switch/The roof etc Get loved Seven
15 IMAGINATION ft LEEE JOHN Make your mind up/Do it right now etc Retropia Cristal
16 CORNELL C C CARTER Where do we go Vindicated soul CDC Productions
17 MICHON YOUNG Ooh/Something about you etc Love, life, experiences Atlanta
18 LEELA JAMES Don't want you back/Good to love you etd Did it for love BMG
19 ERIC ROBERSON Love her/Lyrics of pleasure etc Wind Dome
20 MIKE CITY When I luv/Been too afraid etc The feel good agenda vol 1 BBE
21 VARIOUS ARTISTS Various tracks Disco Soul Gold - 16 modern gold disco gems - Nigel Lowis mixes DSG
22 LOUIE VEGA ft JOSH MILAN The world is a family RVMK
23 SOULUTIONS Thankful One World
24 PHIL PERRY One less bell to answer/Love's in need of love today etc Breathless Shanachie
25 LOS CHARLY'S ORCHESTRA ft OMAR History/It's so Imagenes
26 DIMITRI & SULENE Electric love/Butterfly etc Sparkle Splash
27 TY CAUSEY Hot tonight medley/My pinstriped suit etc Tyangles Tyvonn
28 JAMES DAY + VARIOUS ARTISTS Speak low/It's all divine etc Song, soul & spirit King
29 SOUL FUSION SEVEN Summer breeze DSG
30 LEDISI Us 4 ever/Give you more etc Let love rule Decca
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