Sweet Rhythms Chart – April 27th, 2020

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1 1 JTQ (JAMES TAYLOR QUARTET Who's gonna break the news/Baby come back etc People get ready (we are moving on) Audio Network
2 3 DWA Never gonna stop/California love etc DW3 Woodward Avenue
3 5 TOWER OF POWER Let's celebrate our love/Addicted to you etc Step up Artistry
4 2 LINDSAY WEBSTER Close to you/One step forward etc A woman like me Shanachie
5 12 BIG MEL This is what I do BME
6 7 ADIKA PONGO Diamonds (Alex Di Cio remix) Expansion
7 6 SOUL MESSENGERS Be thankful (Fire & desire mix/Don't tear your heart out/This is for real Dark soul Festival Park
8 25 T.J. JACKSON No. 1 fan Rio de Rojo
9 4 BOBBY & STEVE Peace of mind/Was that all it was etc Let's stand together Groove Odysset
10 9 CITRUS SUN Hard boiled Dome
11 21 ERIC ROBERSON Soft like you/Shining etc Hear from here Dome
12 - DON-E Doing it for love etc EP Soulation Don-E Music
14 10 BINKY WOMACK Keep on walking/Let's do it again etc The last Valentino
16 11 CARMICHAEL MUSICLOVER Pure sweetness/Don't cross me out etc The best is yet One Mic
17 - DYNASTY Escape
19 19 PORTRAIT Closer/Describe you/Good love etc Afro trees Soul Japan
20 13 R&R SOUL ORCHESTRA ft BRENT CARTER 99 to nothing The American
21 29 MALCOLM STRACHAN Mitchell's landing (ft Haggis Horns)/Take me to the clouds etc About time Haggis
22 - TOM GLIDE & THE ALL-STARS Love is coming up
23 24 WANDA RAY WILLIS Cry and hide
24 - TERRI GREEN PROJECT Never gonna let (Remix) Euro
25 16 PRIVAT PROJEKT ft STEFANIE S Only heaven knows
26 - CHRIS JASPER Nothing can change this love Gold City
27 - DUTCH ROBINSON Can't say goodbye Izipho
28 - KINDRED THE FAMILY SOUL Never loved you more (Colin Hudd remix)
29 17 OMAR WILSOM The groove BSE
29 - MARC STAGGERS What the world needs/Where are you now now/ www.discosoulgold.com
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