Sweet Rhythms Chart – April 8th, 2019

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1 1 RAHSAAN PATTERSON Catch me when I fall/Sent from Heaven Shanachie
2 5 O'JAYS Start stoppin/I got you etc The last word S-Curve
3 7 CHANGE Too late (Skalp remix) ODC
4 - SHAILA PROSPERE Plus one Attentiom
5 - VICTOR HAYNES Help me feel the sun/Jazz street etc Take it to the top Expansion
6 2 ROCKIE ROBBINS Let me the one/A night to remember etc Good life Expansion
7 - FACEY ft KATHERINE ELLIS Feeling love
8 15 BRIAN POWER with JODY WATLEY Good good reason Soulhouse
9 9 TERRI GREEN PROJECT Night to remember/Giving it up EP Night to remember Carillo
10 3 LASPERANZA ft IZZY CHASE It should have been you Dome
11 11 JOHNNY GILL Soul of a woman Kavalry
12 10 MAGOO Still really love/On the other side of the world Let's have a boogie Funkysize
13 4 MARC STAGGERS Swing it baby/Let me love you tonight etc Let's go out tonight Regstag
15 29 MARVIN GAYE Where are we going/The world is rated x etc You're the man Motown
16 - COOL MILLION ft D-TRAIN Stronger Sesoul
17 12 DOWN TO THE BONE Various tracks Classic album series - 3CD box set Dome
18 - KEJAM ft JUANITA WYNN Let it go Diamond
19 16 RANDY HALL How do you want your love (Various mixes) Six Nine
20 8 MICHELLE LAWSON Looking for love (various mixes) Rhythm
21 Re DURAND JONES & THE INDICATIONS Sea gets hotter/Morning in America etc American love call Colemine
22 20 ROBERT OWENS I wanna go back
23 28 RALF GUM Various tracks Progressions Gogo
24 17 SOULUTIONS Who's been kissing you Festive Park Productions
25 17 LAVILLE Thirty one Acid Jazz
26 24 ED THE RED If you feel it Bottomline
27 19 CARVIN WINANS Say yes/Ready to love etc In the softest way The Dance Factory
29 21 CHELSEA WILSON Breaking down/Take back the night etc Chasing gold House of Valarie Jones
30 18 T-GROOVE ft ANIA GARVEY Let's groove (John Morales mix)/Various tracks Get on the floor LAD/Diggy Down
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