Sweet Rhythms Chart – April 9th, 2018

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1 1 SOULUTIONS Shooting star/Cloud No. 9 etc Thankful FFP
2 - LISA STANSFIELD Never ever/Ghetto heaven etc Deeper Ear
4 4 K. AVETT Feeling good/The matter K Avett
5 7 SOUL PERSONA ft PRINCESS FREESIA SCPD/Catwalk etc Sunset city Sunset City
6 - TOM GLIDE ft STEPANIE COOKE Light up the sky TGee
7 21 TONI BRAXTON Loving you more/Sorry/Deadwood etc Sex & cigarettes Virgin
8 2 RONNIE WRIGHT Consumed/Your love etc AKA Bespeak Bespeak
9 8 LINDSEY WEBSTER Opportunity/Free to be me etc Love inside Shanachie
10 11 KATHY KOSINS Can we pretend (Brian Power mix)/Miss Martha/Voodoo etc Uncovered soul MustHaveJazz
11 17 TATIANA LADY MAY MAYFIELD Insomnia/I want more/Me and you etc The next chapter Mayfield
12 - KAREN LINETTE Another star/Couldn't love you Karen Linette
13 23 STEVE NICHOL (of LOOSE ENDS) ft ELLENE MASRI Dangerous romance SO-UK
14 - CORNELL CARTER That feeling Cornell Carter
15 - L YOUNG Various tracks Wrinkles in time 4Ever Young
16 6 JAZZY D ft AMBER SWEENEY Sweet light Promo
17 15 ALICIA MYERS Right here right now - Alex Di Cio mix Acebeat
18 14 DANIEL MARCH Falling for you - Ashley Beedle's North St remix Daniel March
19 10 DIANE SHAW Remember me/Through the rain etc Second chance Mecca
20 - ROBB SCOTT Neptune atmosphere/Negative pleasures etc Siren Expansion
21 - EN VOGUE Various tracks Electric cafe En Vogue
22 - GIZELLE SMITH Various tracks Ruthless day Jalapeno
23 9 R&R SOUL ORCHESTRA When you come back The American r&b
24 30 TUXEDO Nasty girl Stonesthrow
25 24 KELLINI ft SWEET TOOTH Loving you more Midnight Riot
26 - BLUE LAB BEATS Various tracks Xover Society Of Sound
27 - OH YEAH All night File Under Disco
28 22 ANDY STOKES Best day ever New 5
29 20 THE APX Right on time The sleepers
30 - MAMA'S GUN You make my life a better place Monty
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