Sweet Rhythms Chart – August 7th, 2017

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1 1 ERIC ROBERSON Love her/Lyrics of pleasure etc Wind Dome
2 2 SIR PIERS ft HUMPTY HUMP/FRANK McCOMB The club/Long distance Curious
3 9 SOUL FUSION SEVEN Summer breeze DSG
4 5 SHAILA PROSPERE That place/Break the chain etc Back to life Rhythm
5 28 WILL DOWNING ft AVERY SUNSHINE & NAJEE Feeling the love Shanachie
6 14 JAZZY DEE ft DELI ROWE Every side of you Amadea
7 3 MIKE CITY When I luv/Head over heels etc The feel good agenda vol. 1 BBE
8 6 SIMON LAW aka THE FUNKY GINGER Fire on fire remix/Love's come back to you/Higher etc Look to the sky Dome
9 11 IRENE RENE Court of love/Runnin' etc Ubiquitous soul DAP
10 8 MATHER & KINGDON The ways of you DSG
11 7 JOEY NEGRO Message in the music/Must be the music etc Produced with love Z
12 10 ZALON Erica/Declaration of love etc Liquid solid sex soul Royalty
13 4 SOULUTIONS Thankful One World
14 17 STOKLEY WILLIAMS Organic/Level etc. Introducing Stokley Concord
15 19 ED THE RED ft TROY NICHOLS Love amore Bottomline
16 17 JAMES DAY with TONY TERRY/MAYSA/TRINA BROUSSARD etc Various Song soul & spirit James Day Songs
17 20 STEVE STONE HUFF I promise/Give you the love etc IPromise Billionaires
18 21 DEL AFRIQUE I'm running away from you Awal
19 29 DIMITRI & SULENE Sparkle Splash
20 13 LOS CHARLYS ORCHETRA ft OMAR History/It's so Imagenes
21 15 MAYSA Inside out/Footsteps in the dark etc Love is a battlefield Shanachie
22 - BRIAN POWER ft SHIV Loving you Soulhouse
23 Re IZZI DUNN Look up to the sky/Unforgiven etc Recycle love IDunnit
24 26 CABRIO MANGO Coio Toytonics
25 - SOUL REVIVAL Fall in love/Come back Soul Revival
27 22 SABRINA MALHEIROS Porto do sol/Celebrar Clareia Far Out
28 30 LEROY HUTSON Positive forces - 7-inch Acid Jazz
29 Re TOM GLIDE Various Divas got soul TGee
30 - LEMEL HUMES Ain't nobody like you Quantize
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