Sweet Rhythms Chart – December 19th, 2016

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1 2 HESTON Contradiction/Dear God etc. Transparency P-Vine
2 1 BREAKWATER Gift of love Expansion
3 3 DOGGETT BROTHERS Colours/You make me feel Ashwood
4 8 JOE Hurricane/Clebrate you etc MyNameIsJoeThomas BMG
5 15 FE FEA WHITE It's a beautiful day Father forgive me Fea White
6 4 LINDSEY WEBSTER Ain't it funny/I know you well etc Back to your heart Shanachie
7 7 ALI TENNANT Switch/The roof etc Get loved Seven IBS
8 6 DaPAUL In the sun/Family etc. London Town Adassa
9 18 KENNY WELLINGTON Heading home/Free spirit etc Free spirit Expansion
10 10 DENI HINES A long walk/Been so long etc The Soul sessions Bitchin'
11 9 LEON TIMBO The weekend/For your love etc. What's love all about Riverphio
12 27 SONNY FEDORA Feelin' you Defected
13 30 ANDY STOKES Oh my Full circle New 5
14 14 KIM TIBBS I need you for your love Black Orchid
15 20 3 WINANS BROTHERS I choose you Vega
16 13 VINCE BROOMFIELD Who's that beautiful lady Vincent Broomfield
17 21 AL CASTELLANO Kaleidoscopic Lademoto
18 5 CLIF PAYNE & FREDA PAYNE No pain no gain DSG
19 19 MATHER I can't forget about you/It was all just a game etc. No looking back Gold City
20 26 JON JON Girlfriend Dreemi
21 11 FAYE B Moving on/Real love etc The journey pt 1 Nu Level Artist Management
22 28 DONOVAN BLACKWOOD Never gonna let you go EP Break my back DSG
24 12 VARIOUS Ethereal Magic Vol.2 Expansion
25 16 MARIO BIONDI Stay with me/Do you feel like I feel etc. Best of soul Sony
26 25 AZYMUTH Rio doce/Neptunians etc Fenix Far Out
27 17 ERIC BENET Holdin' on/Run to me etc. Eric Benet Primary Care
28 24 GWENDOLYN COLLINS Different/I think I like you etc Storytelling side 2 - moments4love Independent Harmony
29 - ALICIA KEYS Blended family Here RCA
30 - HANNAH WHITE This Christmas/Santa bring my baby DSG
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