Sweet Rhythms Chart – January 9th, 2017

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1 7 ALI TENNANT Switch/The roof etc Get loved 7IBS
2 6 LINDSAY WEBSTER Ain't it funny/I know you well etc Back to your heart Shanachie
3 3 DOGGETT BROTHERS ft LAURA JACKSON Colours/You make me feel Ashwood
4 8 DaPAUL In the sun/Family etc. London town Adassa
5 2 BREAKWATER Gift of love/Back in love/Necessary business Expansion
6 1 HESTON Transparency P-Vine
7 5 FE FE WHITE Beautiful day Father forgive me Fea White
9 9 KENNY WELLINGTON Heading home/Free spirit etc Free spirit Expansion
10 4 JOE Hurricane/Celebrate you etc MyNameIsJoeThomas BMG
11 22 DONOVAN BLACKWOOD Never gonna let you go EP Break my back DSG
12 21 FAYE B Moving on/Real love etc The journey pt 1 Moving on/Real love etc
13 12 SONNY FODERA Feelin' you Defected
14 - GROOVE ASSOCIATION ft GEORGIE B Mystery girl Soul Family Affair GAB
15 20 JON JON Girlfriend Dreemi
16 11 LEON TIMBO The weekend/For your love etc. What's love all about Riverphio
17 - CORNELL C.C. CARTER Where do we go - Boogie back remix Cornell C. C. Carter
18 - SYMPLI WHITNEY L.U.V./Echoes/Get enuff - CW remixes DSG
19 19 MATHER I can't forget about you/It was all just a game etc. No looking back Gold City
20 13 ANDY STOKES Oh my Full circle New 5
21 15 3 WINANS BROTHERS I choose you Vega
22 - SOUL FUSION SEVEN Steppin' up my love DSG
23 14 KIM TIBBS I need you for your love Black Orchid
24 16 VINCE BROOMFIELD Who's that beautiful lady Vincent Broomfield
25 - MYLES SANKO Land of Paradise/Missing you etc. Just being me Legere
26 - CAROLYN MALACHEY Primary colour/Prologue - sky etc Rise story 1 Modern Natural
27 28 GWENDOLYN COLLINS Different/I think I like you etc Storytelling side 2 - moments4love Independent Harmony
28 - VOICES WITH SOUL Shower me with your love, Lord Voices with Soul
29 10 DENI HINES A long walk/Been so long etc The Soul sessions Bitchin'
30 - BLAK BEATNIKS Alright Melodious
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