Sweet Rhythms Chart – June 11th, 2018

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1 1 KENNY THOMAS Your love Solus
2 4 K. AVETT Soldier/Think I had enough etc Lioness RFC/Fresh
3 5 MATHER & HANNAH WHITE Caught up in a whirlwind DSG
4 2 JAKI GRAHAM When a woman loves/About your love JNT
5 3 MF ROBOTS Sweet harmony/Love to last etc Music For Robots Membrane
6 12 PEABO BRYSON All she wants to do is me Perspective
7 7 CORNELL CARTER That feelin Cdc
8 9 ROBB SCOTT Neptune atmosphere/Negative pleasures/Winter love etc Siren Expansion
9 15 DEVA MAHAL Wicked - DJ Spen & Reelsoul mix Run deep Promo
10 26 DAISY HICKS The fall Promo
11 17 TAMIA Leave it smokin' E One
12 6 TYRA LEVONE Can't love you more/Can you feel it etc Testimony - a soul set free CD Baby
13 11 JOHN REID All night long Rosira
14 24 Gg (GIGI HAROLD) When I'm falling/Hopscotch heart Gg
15 21 DARIEN DEAN Last song Promo
16 20 MARCIA MITCHELL I just wanna dance Celerity
17 25 CARRIE LUCAS Some things never change Solar Records UK
18 - TOWER OF POWER Do you like that/Can't stop thinkin about you etc Soul side of town Artistry
19 8 TEMPTATIONS Still feel like your man/Be my wife All the time Cat # country
20 29 LEON BRIDGES Bad bad bad news/Bet ain't worth the hand etc Good thing Columbia
21 - DETROIT SWIMDLE ft TOM MISCH Yes no maybe Heist
22 16 LENNY HAROLD Heat/Lover Drink Up The Music
23 10 L YOUNG Ms supa thick/I don't wanna lose etc Wrinkles in time 4Ever young
24 14 BRANDON WATTZ Feelin some kinda way Amazon Music
25 19 SOULUTIONS Shooting star/Cloud No. 9 etc Thankful FFP
26 27 MY KEY C We got the feeling Promo
27 - RAQUEL RODRIGUEZ Mile high Promo
28 - TONY MOMRELLE You got me running Promo
29 18 GEORGE LESLEY Show me love Merecumbe
30 - COOL MILLION ft FAYE B Summer rain Sedsoul
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