Sweet Rhythms chart – June 20th, 2022

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1 27 JULIAN JONAH ft TAMIA Now's the time for us Jus Groove
2 12 CHRIS KINGDON & LOUISE MEHAN Take our love to the top
3 5 OUTPUT.INPUT ft ANTONIO McCLENDON I'm in love Expansion
4 30 SHIRLEY JONES Soul steppin'
5 6 MELBA MOORE So in love/Take me away etc Imagine Orpheus
6 1 TERRI GREEN PROJECT ft RANDY HALL Turnt up tonight
7 8 SHAWN ESCOFFERY Set me free Dome
8 25 BLUE SOUL TEN Different to what I'm used to/Up to you etc This is worth it
9 3 MARC STAGGERS You make me feel Expansion
10 - TYRA LEVONE So in love/I like it etc Chronicles of life
11 4 OPAZ ft MARY JANE Everybody Loves The Sunshine/We All Got Our Lovin
12 7 IVAN HAMPTON JR. ft PAULETTE McWILLIAMS Mama's kitchen table
13 - TERRI GREEN Caught up
14 9 DIANE MARSH I got the love/Don't rush it etc Here to stay (Invade my space)
15 19 CARO B You can be my boo
16 16 JUANITA WYNN Make it right Vulnerable
17 10 PETAWANE Music RFC Fresh
18 = CAPTAIN SKY Under the N-fluence
19 11 MICHON YOUNG Hold on/Say what you mean etc Love life experiences vol 3 Conversation peace
20 13 MS1 PROJECT ft J. DAPHANEY Set it off H&L
21 - LORI WILLIAMS Too late (it's my time)
22 21 JOHNNY JAMES aka DR. J Foolish heart
23 2 CHRIS JASPER Hey love/I love rhtyhm and blues etc Raise the bar Gold City
25 18 DAVE/OMAR Starlight (Dave Lee mixes) Z
26 17 MONOPHONICS Love you better/Broken boundaries etc Sage motel Colemine
27 26 O JAM Re-unite
28 23 LOUIE VEGA Star of a story/Touch the sky etc Expansions in NYC Nervous
29 - VINCENT BROOMFIELD Go Live The Fun Life
30 20 BRICK/RIPPLE No love like yours
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