Sweet Rhythms Chart – March 30th, 2020

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
2 - JTQ (JAMES TAYLOR QUARTET) Who's gonna break the news/Baby come back etc People get ready (We are moving on) Audio Network
3 8 SOUL MESSENGERS Be thankful (Fire & desire mix/Don't tear your heart out/This is for real Dark soul Festival Park
4 3 WILL DOWNING Ready willing able/Ecstasy/One in a million you etc Romantique pt 2 Sophisticated Soul
5 5 BOBBY & STEVE Peace of mind/Was that all it was etc Let's stand together Groove Odyssey
6 11 TOWER OF POWER Let's celebrate our love/Addicted to you etc Step up Artistry
7 12 CARMICHAEL MUSICLOVER Pure sweetness/Don't cross me out etc The best is yet One Mic
8 4 FRANK ADDEI Enchanted lady No Art
9 17 LINDSAY WEBSTER One step forward/Running around etc A woman like me Shanachie
10 10 MAYSA ft CHRIS DAVIS, PHIL PERRY & KIM WATERS It's gonna be alright - Nigel Lowis mix Blue Velvet
11 - ADIKA PONGO (ALEX DI CIO REMIX) Diamonds Expansion
12 7 JODY WATLEY Candlelight/Weigh on me etc - Alex Di Cio mixes EP Winter nights Avitone
13 15 PORTRAIT Closer/Describe you/Good love etc
14 21 JERMAINE LOCKHART Back to the sunshine SoulMusic
15 9 GINA CAREY My destiny
16 14 RICK CLARK ft DON-E Family Done Music
17 20 PRIVAT PROJEKT ft STEFANIE S Only heaven knows
18 12 TRACEBEATS & BOB ft MILTON LEE Wish upon a star Boutique
19 28 BINKY WOMACK Keep on walking/Let's do it again etc The last valentino
20 - CRACK OF DAWN Changes (Remix) Spinnup
21 - DAVE MASCALL ft JULIA QUINN Reading my mind (Franklin D mix)
22 22 MARC STAGGERS Key to my heart - Tom Moulton mix iZIPHO
23 24 LUKAS SETTO Make it rain
24 29 VARIOUS ARTISTS Various tracks Luxury Soul 2020 Expansion
25 18 VINCE BROOMFIELD I'm so into you
26 13 MR. BAILEY Sunny day/You can be/All we need etc Love @ 43 MBM
27 19 MAMA'S GUN This is the day Candelion
28 Re CHARLIE WILSON Forever valentine BMG
29 - BIG MEL This is what I do BME
30 16 JD'S TIME MACHINE ft CORNELL CARTER Off the grid Song King
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