Sweet Rhythms Chart – March 4th, 2019

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1 3 MARC STAGGERS Swing it baby/:et me love you tonight etc Let's go out tonight RegStag
2 1 SOULUTIONS Who's been kissin you Festive Park Productions
3 17 O'JAYS Start stoppin/I got you etc The last word etc S-Curve
4 5 LAVILLE Thirty one Acid Jazz
5 8 TERRY GREEN PROJECT Night to remember/Giving it up EP Night to remember Carillo
6 6 CHANGE Make me go crazy (Opolopo mix) ODC
7 4 LUCAS SETTO What turns you on Insane
8 2 MICHELLE LAWSON Looking for love (various mixes) Rhythm
9 7 ROCKIE ROBBINS Good life/Let's groove Expansion
10 - LASPERANZA ft IZZY CHASE It should have been you Dome
11 14 CARVIN WINANS Say yes/Ready to love etc In the softest way The Dance Factory
12 9 CHERIE MARIE Starting all over/I want you back Boogie Back
13 11 JAZZY D ft JAY NEMOR & AMBER SWEENEY After all Jazzy D
14 19 RANDY HALL How do you want your love (Various mixes) Six Nine
15 10 T-GROOVE ft ANIA GARVEY Let's groove (John Morales mix)/Various tracks Get on the floor Lad/Diggy Down
16 - CHELSEA WILSON Breaking down/Take back the night etc Chasing gold House Of Valarie Jones
17 - NORMAN BROWN Free/The king is here etc The highest act of love Shanachie
18 12 SUCH Before dark Such
19 16 CUPID Higher/What we do etc Capricorn Hub City
20 - MAD YELLA Sequoia
21 15 TIFFANY T'ZELLE That woman Tycares
22 - GREGG JACKSON One for the road (Nigel Lowis mixes) Izipho Soul
23 13 VARIOUS ARTISTS Various tracks Solar Soul Solar Radio
24 20 VARIOUS ARTISTS Various tracks Preston Glass presents Love & Compassion vol 2 SoulMusic
25 - BEAT RIVALS ft VANESSA FREEMAN Flashback feelings Rival Beat
26 25 OPOLOPO & HUBERT LAWS ft GREGORY PORTER Tell the story Maristar
27 28 KIRK FRANKLIN Love theory Fo Yo Soul
28 23 INCOGNITO ft DIRA. TOMBI, PETRA & REGA Jakarta dreams Proceeds going to Roslin Orphanage
30 - DARRYL PERRY Inside of your love
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