Sweet Rhythms Chart – November 20th, 2017

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1 1 VARIOUS ARTISTS Various tracks Disco soul gold - 16 modern soul gems - Nigel Lowis mixes DSG
2 2 CALVIN RICHARDSON All or nothing/Make me say nah nah nah etc All or nothing Shanachie
3 6 ERIC ROBERSON Slave owners/Keep on etc Fire - EP Dome
4 7 SA-HA-RA Love so fine/Summer reprise etc Past, present & future She
5 4 KENNY LATTIMORE Perfection/Deserve/More than life Vulnerable Liger
6 5 WILL DOWNING I just want to say thank you/Tell me all about it/3 ring circus etc Soul survivor Shanachie
7 3 LOUIE VEGA ft JOSH MILAN & ANANE VEGA The world is a family V/A comp. LP Two beats, one soul RVMK
8 12 SYLEENA JOHNSON We did it/Chain of fools/There'll come a time Rebirth of soul Shanachie
9 15 LOS CHARLYS ORCHESTRA ft ANDRE ESPEUT History/Sunshine - John Morales M&M mixes Imagenes
10 27 SIX MINUTES TIL SUNRISE Let it flow/Sugar & spice etc Time of our lives Six minutes til sunrise
11 9 MATHER & KINGDON Soul night - Nigel Lowis mix DSG
12 14 CHANTAE CANN Happy song/Hey whatcha say etc Sol empowered Atlanta
13 19 VARIOUS ARTISTS Various tracks Errol Henry's Love Music EP Promo
14 23 BRIAN POWER ft LIFFORD Time after time Soulhouse
15 8 LEDISI Us4ever/Give you more etc Let love rule Decca
16 10 VARIOUS ARTISTS Various tracks Soul Togetherness 2017 Expansion
17 26 MS1 ft JEROME VINTAGE Sugar you, sugar me H&S
18 30 RICHARD BAILEY ft YVETTE BROWN All my desires - Cool Million & T-Groove mixes Devoted
19 11 SIMON LAW aka FUNKY GINGER Message of love - Nigel Lowis mix Dome
20 16 PULSE Willing to go Foliage
21 22 DAISY HICKS ft SIR PIERS I chose you Daisy Hicks Music
22 25 TAMAR BRAXTON Pick me up/The makings of you etc Bluebird of happiness Eone
23 18 SHAILA PROSPERE Thinking of you/That place etc. Back to life Rhythm
24 - ANDRE ESPEUT QUINTET The message Imagenes
25 - TY CAUSEY You love me for me/We got to pray etc. God is love Promo
26 Re KENNEDY ADMINISTRATION Let's party/Let's stay together/Will it go round in circles etc. Kennedy Administration Leopard
27 13 WILLIE BRADBURY ft GERALD ALSTON In the meantime Soulmusic
29 17 GOLDEN BRIDGE Tribal T.C.B. EP Spirit soul
30 - TASHA PAGE-LOCKHART If any man The beautiful project RCA
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