Sweet Rhythms Chart – October 21st, 2019

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1 14 CORNELL CARTER I see love/We're a winner etc Tomorrow's new dream Izipho
2 1 SOULUTIONS Bump the groove (remix)/Fool in this town/When you get there etc Fate Festival Park
3 16 WILL DOWNING ft AVERY SUNSHINE Deja vu Sophisticated Soul
4 4 JOHNNY GILL So hard/Perfect etc Game changer 2 J Skillz
6 5 MILES DAVIS What we made/Give it up etc Rubberband Warner
7 10 BRANDON WILLIAMS In love/Love dance etc The love factor Solasis
8 2 BRAND NEW HEAVIES Beautiful/Together etc TBNH Acid Jazz
9 25 BOOM CHANG BANG ft RANDY MULLER Welcome to my life/What are we gonna do etc Welcome to my life Plaza
10 12 TY CAUSEY Freaky situation/Yo energy etc Hypnotic Tyvonn
11 8 SHAMIKA BROWN I love him I love him not KA
12 20 ELUSIV You're the greatest love of all/Naughtee gurl etc Timeless Young Stuzz
13 3 VARIOUS ARTISTS Various tracks Soul Togetherness 2019 Expansion
14 7 TERRI GREEN PROJECT It's you/Never gonna let etc What a feefling EURO
15 11 INCOGNITO For the love of you etc Tomorrow' dream Bluey Music
16 27 THE PENDLETONS Blessings for the world/No regrets etc etc 2 steps away Piccadilly
17 17 LUKAS SETTO Oh my gosh - Soulful house mix SoulHouse
18 28 JOHN MORALES presents NATSHA WATTS I'm giving all my love - DJ Spen mix
19 - SARGENT TUCKER Keep on moving/Time will tell etc You can't text love away STM
20 13 BROOKLYN FUNK ESSENTIALS Where love lives/Whatcha want from me etc Stay good Dorado
21 19 KAY JAY Natural high DiVinyl
22 15 FOUR 80 EAST ft CE CE PENISTON Are you ready - Joey Negro mix Z
23 - ALEX PUDDU ft GENE ROBINSON Don't hold back Schema
24 - JUAN LAYA & JORGE MONTIEL Give me the night/Fly me with you EP Give me the night Inagenes
25 21 JENIQUA U got it goin' on CBC
26 22 DEE DEE SIMON If I leave you
27 - Gg Smile on my face - T-Groove & Yuma Hara mix Gg Music Online
28 23 HIL ST SOUL Various tracks Soul organic - 20th anniversary edition Dome
29 30 BEY BRIGHT ft DONAE Beautiful day - Soulful house mix Bright Vision
30 Re VARIOUS ATISTS Various tracks The music inside me Expansion
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