Sweet Rhythms Chart – October 28th, 2019

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1 1 CORNELL CARTER Say yes/We're a winner etc Tomorrow's new dream Izipho
2 3 WILL DOWNING ft AVERY SUNSHINE Deja vu Sophisticated Soul
3 9 BOOM CHANG BANG ft RANDY MULLER Welcome to my life/What are we gonna do etc Welcome to my life Plaza
4 2 SOULUTIONS Bump the groove (remix)/Fool in this town/When you get there etc Fate Festival Park
5 5 SOUND PRINCIPAL I know what I want 12
6 4 JOHNNY GILL So hard/Perfect etc Game changer 2 J Skillz
7 15 INCOGNITO All for you/For the love of you etc Tomorrow's dream Bluey Music
8 18 JOHN MORALES presents NATSHA WATTS I'm giving all my love - DJ Spen mix Quantize
9 12 ELUSIV You're the greatest love of all/Naughtee gurl etc Timeless Young Stuzz
10 10 TY CAUSEY Freaky situation/Yo energy etc Hypnotic Tyvonn
11 23 ALEX PUDDU ft GENE ROBINSON Don't hold back Schema
12 8 BRAND NEW HEAVIES Beautiful/Together etc TBNH Acid Jazz
13 7 BRANDON WILLIAMS In love/Love dance etc The love factor Soulasis
14 5 MILES DAVIS So emotional/Carnival time etc Rubberband Warner
15 16 THE PENDLETONS Blessings for the world/No regrets etc 2 steps away Piccadilly
15 11 SHAMIKA BROWN I love him I love him not KA
17 14 TERRI GREEN PROJECT It's you/Never gonna let etc What a feeling Euro
18 19 SARGENT TUCKER Keep on moving/Time will tell etc You can't text love away Anaka
19 13 VARIOUS ARTISTS Various tracks Soul Togetherness 2019 Expansion
20 22 FOUR 80 EAST ft CE CE PENISTON Are you ready - Joey Negro mix Z
21 17 LUKAS SETTO Oh my gosh - Soulful house mix SoulHouse
22 - CALVIN RICHARDSON Still in love/Love you tonight etc Gold dust Shanachie
23 20 BROOKLYN FUNK ESSENTIALS Whatcha want from me/Where love lives etc Stay good Dorado
24 29 BEY BRIGHT ft DONAE Beautiful day - Soulful house mix Bright Vision
25 21 KAY JAY Natural high DiVinyl
26 - SOULFUSIONSEVEN Summer breeze/Stepping up my love etc Acquittal of the ego funk Soul Brother
27 27 Gg Smile on my face - T-Groove & Yuma Hara mix Gg Music Online
28 - MS1 What kind of woman/Sugar me sugar you etc Changes H&S
30 - ROBIN THICKE When you love somebody Thicke/Empire
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