Sweet Rhythms Chart October 30th, 2017

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1 2 CALVIN RICHARDSON All or nothing/Make me say nah nah nah etc All or nothing Shanachie
2 1 WILL DOWNING Tell me all about it/Hurry up this way again etc Soul survivor Shanachie
3 6 ERIC ROBERSON Slave owners/Keep on etc Fire - EP Dome
4 20 VARIOUS ARTISTS Various Disco soul gold - 16 modern soul gems - Nigel Lowis mixes DSG
5 10 KENNY LATTIMORE More than life/One more night etc Vulnerable Liger
6 3 RANDY MULLER ft CAROLYN HARDING Beautiful feelings Piazza
7 9 LOUIE VEGA ft JOSH MILAN & ANANE VEGA The world is a family V/A comp. LP Two beats, one soul RVMK
8 8 VARIOUS ARTISTS Various Soul Togetherness 2017 Expansion
9 5 LEDISI Us4ever/Give you more etc Let love rule Decca
10 4 GOLDEN BRIDGE Tribal T.C.B EP Spirit soul
11 18 BRIAN POWER ft LIFFORD Time after time SoulHouse
12 17 SHAILA PROSPERE Thinking of you/That place etc. Back to life Rhythm
13 7 CHANTAE CANN Happy soing/Hey whatcha say etc Sol empowered Atlanta
14 - WILLIE BRADLEY ft GERALD ALSTON In the meantime SoulMusic
15 19 TAMAR BRAXTON Pick me up/The makings of you etc Bluebird of happiness Eone
17 23 MS1 ft JEROME VINTAGE Sugar you, sugar me H&S
18 - LINA Who to love/Change the world Promo
19 - VARIOUS ARTISTS Various tracks Errol Henry's Love Music EP Promo
20 - SIMON LAW Message of love - Nigel Lowis mix Dome
21 11 SYLEENA JOHNSON We did it Shanachie
22 15 SA-HA-RA You are my everything Promo
23 12 DAISY HICKS ft SIR PIERS I chose you Promo
24 16 MUSIQ SOULCHILD Momentinlife/Don'tstopher etc Feel the real Soul Star
25 13 KIM TIBBS Soul/The better side etc. Kim Expansion
26 14 KATHY KOSINS Uncovered Uncovered soul EP MustHaveJazz
27 26 BARBARA TUCKER Think - DJ Spen mix Quantize
28 27 IMAGINATION ft LEEE JOHN Make yr mind up Retropia EP pt 2 Cristal
29 - EMKAYBE ft ANN NESBY Jam Quantize
30 - PULSE Willing to learn Foliage
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