Sweet Rhythms Chart – October 8th, 2018

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1 1 NATASHA WATTS Special day/Only you etc My next chapter Promo
2 8 BRIAN POWER presents MARC EVANS Falling back into love SoulHouse
3 2 CHANGE Searching/All my life etc Love 4 love ODC
4 6 REEL PEOPLE Always there/Buttercup etc Retroflective Reel People Music
5 14 WILL DOWNING Look at yourself (in the mirrir) Shanachie
6 5 LORI WILLIAMS Hold on/I can't help it etc Out of the box LoriJazz
7 4 ROSE VINCENT Rocketship/Thankful/Girls just want to have fun etc All night Code Red Studios
9 3 CORNELL C. C. CARTER Badeyah/Somethin like etc One love CDC
10 19 CARVIN WINANS Once in a lifetime The dance factory
11 9 LATREESE BUSH The best/Great day etc EP - The best Bumbush
12 11 TAMIA Leave it smokin'/Better/Stay etc Passion lik fire E One
13 10 RAI Fallback/Smile etc Love's on the way Promo
14 20 ANTHONY DAVID Use me/Kissing my love etc Hello like before - the songs of Bill Withers Shanachie
15 - APX/IMAA/LEXI etc Various tracks Soul Togetherness 2018 Expansion
16 - BRIAN COLE Around the world/Live for today etc Resistance Brainfeeder
17 26 CONYA DOSS Back to us Conya Doss Songs
18 16 JODY WATLEY & SRC The passion Avitone
19 21 BEY BRIGHT No more love - Soul House remix Bright Vision ent.
20 - ZAPP Bialando/Rock ya baby etc Zapp VII - Roger & Friends Leopard
21 29 LYNNE FIDDMONT Memory lane/Groovy people etc Power of love Midlife
22 28 SOUND PRONCIPLE Heartbreaking 12 Music
23 17 RALPH GUM ft JOSEPH JUNIOR & AYAN JIYA Back to love Go Go Music
24 12 THE SUFFERS What you said/Do whatever etc Everything here Shanachie
25 13 RONNETTE HARRISON Always there Promo
26 - DOGGETT BROTHERS California sunshine/Don't you know etc Get here Ashwood
27 24 JERMASINE ROBBINS I can't get enough/My love etc The journey within Mahogany Soul
28 - STEAL VYBE Harvest moon/Music makes me high etc Coronations SV
29 18 BASHIYRA Mountain/Mystified etc Independent Promo
30 - STACY KIDD & TASHA LARAE Heaven Quantize
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