Sweet Rhythms Chart – September 21st, 2020

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1 2 LIGHT OF THE WORLD Migusta la samba/Summer girl etc Jazz funk power Quo Valiz
2 1 BRIT FUNK ASSOCIATION Lifted up/Summer etc Lifted Expansion
3 4 LEDISI In it to win/Now or never etc The wild card BMG
4 3 KEM Praise/Live out the love etc Love always wins Motown
6 15 GREGORY PORTER If love is overrated/Concorde etc All rise Decca
7 24 JOY DENALAINE Hey dreamer/The ride etc Let yourself be loved (The ride) Nesola
8 9 CITRUS SUN Expansions & visions Dome
9 18 FULL FLAVA ft DEE JOHNSON Too much too late Dome
10 7 RENA SCOTT Drifting on a dream Amor
11 11 TRACYE EILEEN Now that we are here
12 - ALEX PUDDU ft RODNEY STITH All I want is your love Schema
13 8 TONI BRAXTON Fallin'/Do it etc Spell my na,e EMI
14 - DEE DEE DAVIS Smile/Old school love etc Straight from my soul
15 5 WEATHER GIRLS Stand up Sedsoul
16 20 DJ SPEN & CORNELL CC CARTER Keep your head to the sky Quantize
17 - KLOUD 9 21 days
18 12 RONNIE HEREL ft DANNIS WINSTON Another way Quantize
19 6 MELBA MOORE Just doing me Mirrorball
20 28 CANITA ROGERS Be with you Quiet girl
21 - YOLANDA PARKER Everything you do blows my mind
22 - JARROD LAWSON Be the change Dome
23 13 JOHNNY BRITT Keep workin it out (with Eric Roberson)/Lookin on the outside/Can't stop etc Mo jazzin' CLG
24 26 RYLE ft LAURA JACKSON Magic touch Sedsoul
25 19 CARMICHAEL MUSICLOVER Hey sunshine/You look good etc Lifeline One Mic
26 22 JD'S TIME MACHINE ft LORENZO OWENS When the world says no
27 - BRIAN POWER ft HIL ST SOUL Just us Soulhouse
28 - 25TH STREET BAND ft JOEL KIBBLE & JOSIAH RUFF Holding on to love
29 21 LARRY BRGGS Confessions
30 - ALLI STARR Situationship Expansion
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