Sweet Rhythms Chart – September 25th, 2017

Sweet Rhythms Chart

This Last Artist Song Album Record Label DJ Comments
1 3 DIMITRI & SULENE Electric love/Butterfly etc. Sparkle Splash
2 4 WILL DOWNING Tell me all about it/Hurry up this way again etc Soul survivor Shanachie
3 1 KIM TIBBS Soul/The better side etc. Kim Expansion
4 5 COOL MILLION ft GREGERS That's my lady Sed Soul
5 3 SIR PIERS ft HUMPTY HUMPTY/FRANK McCOMB The club/Long distance Curious
6 29 RANDY MULLER ft CAROLYN HARDING Beautiful feelings Piazza
7 24 LOUIE VEGA ft JOSH MILAN & ANANE VEGA The world is a family RVMK
8 9 L O V E PROJECT I'm in love Soulstice
9 6 KENI STEVENS The love that you give Out of the blue Chilli
10 14 STAN MOSLEY My problem/Ain't no stoppimg us now DSG
11 8 TOM GLIDE ft HIL ST SOUL Soul train - remix TGee
12 11 VARIOUS Shelter/MPH/Without a doubt etc. Hide & seek - Compiled by Foreign Exchange DAP
13 10 TREVOR DAVY AKA PREFIX ONE Shine your light Coffey Cuts
14 12 NAJEE Let's take it back/We'll be missing you etc. Poetry in motion Shanachie
15 17 SHAILA PROSPERE That place/Break the chain etc Back to life Rhythm
16 - MATHER You are in my system - Georgie Porgy Promo
17 - DAISY HICKS ft SIR PIERS I chose you Promo
18 7 DEL AFRIQUE LA lady/Papa was a rolling stone etc. 79th Street EP Awal
19 - DONOVAN BLACKWOOD All my life Promo
20 16 MATT BIANCO Joy ride/Invisible etc Gravity Membrane
21 30 INCOGNITO The best of...2004-2017 The best of...2004-2017 Apple Music
23 13 ERIC ROBERSON Love her/Lyrics of pleasure etc Wind Home
24 15 SAM TANNER Still enough/Back to us etc. Mixed emotions EP Sam Tanner
25 21 BRIAN POWER ft SHIV Loving you SoulHouse
26 28 MUSIQ SOULCHILD Start over - remix Peppermint
27 - ECHRIS (The r&b hustler) All my love RFC Fresh
28 - LENORA JAYE Force of life Apple Music
29 20 MIKE CITY 100 miles/When I luv/Head over heels etc The feel good agenda vol 1 BBE
30 - KENNEDY ADMINISTRATION Let's stay together/Will it go round in circles etc Kennedy Administration Leopard
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