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The Sweet Rhythms Chart had its origins way back in the 1970s when Solar Radio’s ‘Mid- Morning Mayhem’ host Tony Monson was a regular contributor to then-weekly soul music newspaper Black Echoes, providing reviews of US import singles along with new UK releases while also involved in selling these through his retail store. Thus he had his finger on the pulse of what was selling, and created the Sweet Rhythms Chart as an accurate arbiter of UK sales, this to publish alongside the best-selling soul chart from US trade magazine Billboard.


Tony has retained an involvement in retailing through the decades, and the chart has tailored its scope to include best- selling singles along with favoured tracks from new album releases and samples from new releases by independent artists, thus providing Solar Radio listeners with a chart reflecting both established sellers and showcase new releases, giving the latter a potential springboard to greater exposure. The Sweet Rhythms Chart is unveiled weekly on a Monday evening by Gary Spence, with Tony Monson also airing highlight tracks during ‘Mayhem’ each Tuesday morning.

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