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Soul Essentials
Smooth Soul and R&B

My love for music came at an early age, after beign bought a portable twin cassette deck and beign able to tune into various fm radio stations. Growing up listening to late 70s and early 80s music played by my parents. I started to collect music cassette tapes and moved on to buying vinyl, eventually every friends house party i was invited to required me to bring my music along. I decided to start a moblie disco with a friend of mine and that lasted for around 5 years untill i was asked to work as a resident Dj in a local bar. That they say is history, ive worked as a resident dj at many bars and clubs home and abroad and i am still playing out regulary now. My love for Soulful music is varied and deep rooted, but i have a keen passion for Smooth Soul and Rnb from the 90s till the present day. I have previously had radio experience with a stint on local hospital radio, Pirate radio and a 4 year stint on internet soul stations. I am pleased now, to be playing a weekly slot of Smooth Soul & Rnb on Solar radio.